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Overview This welding system adopts piano-type clamp method, little welding deformation and welding quality is greatly high and it is suitable for plate’s (thickness is 0.4mm-10mm)  longitudinal seam welding, or matched to other welding technology method, such as TIG/MIG/MAG/PLASMA. Based on work-piece’s structural, choose standard series of frock or special tailor-made based on requirement. Parameters   welding length range 1500–12000mm  welding speed range 0-1500mm/min welding...

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Hoc glutino ratio capit piano type Vertebrata pusillus glutino deformationis et glutino qualitas valde magnum est apta laminam de (crassitudines 0.4mm-10mm) longitudinalis summa glutino et pares diis glutino nulla ratione uti TIG / MIG / LOQUITOR / PLASMA. Ex pars est operis, sistens descriptiones, eligere crudo sive specialis vexillum serie secundum postulationem scissor-fecit.


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Tandem rhoncus glutino 1500-12000mm 
celeritate rhoncus glutino 0-1500mm / min
crassitudo rhoncus glutino 3-30m (10mm deorsum nec beveling)

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