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Overview This system is made up with gallows frame, walking-bogie and wheel shelf.It is with two sets plasma welding machine and two sets of argon arc welding machine, which could save space with its max. limitation.It could be proceeded to the longitudinal seam welding and circle seam welding for two work-pieces at the same time. This could improve welding efficient greatly. Parameters welding length range 1000–12000mm  welding diameter range 219—5000mm welding speed ran...

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Ity tontolo ity no mandrafitra tamin'ny hazo toe, nitsangantsangana-bogie sy ny kodiarana shelf.It dia amin'ny ranon-dra welding roa karazana milina roa karazana sy ny argon Arc welding milina, izay mety afa-toerana sy ny max. limitation.It azo nanomboka ny longitudinal seam welding sy ny faribolana seam welding roa-tapa asa tamin'izany andro izany. Mety hanatsara welding mahomby indrindra.



welding halavan'ny isan-karazany 1000-12000mm 
welding savaivony isan-karazany 219-5000mm
welding haingana isan-karazany 0-1500mm / min
welding hateviny isan-karazany 3-30mm (ambany 10mm, no beveling)


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